Salome -- A Theolog Review

SalomeMy review of Patti Rutka's midrashic novel, Salome, (Eugene:  Resource Publications, 2010), a book that explores the person behind an infamous dance, is now up at Theolog, the Christian Century blog.  While the book is relatively brief, just 107 pages, it is a most helpful exploration of this biblical story of a dance that cost a prophet his head. 

 The review begins:
While the name “Salome” conjures images of eroticism and violence, the Bible doesn’t actually name the dancer who seduces Herod Antipas. According to the two gospel accounts, Herodias seeks revenge on John the Baptist for daring to condemn her illicit marriage to Herod. She manipulates her husband into killing John by having her beautiful daughter dance before him. Drunk with wine and lust, Herod promises the daughter anything she wants—and she demands the prophet’s head. The reluctant tetrarch complies, lest he lose face with his birthday party guests.  (To continue reading, click here)


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