Theology after Google -- livestreamed online

For the next several days I will be participating in the Theology after Google Conference.  It's quite a show, really -- the Schedule can be found here.   You can watch it live -- via the internet if you'd like.  My presentation comes late Friday morning (PST).  I'm going to offer the contrarian voice, which will be a surprise to some who know me.  There are those, especially in the churches that I've pastored, that think that the only word I know is change!  But, I'm going to offer a "wait a minute" statement (because I'm among the elders at this conference).

So, here's information on the live streaming: 

Here's a statement from the Transforming Theology Site that can guide you:

The Theology After Google Conference will be streamed for all those not enjoying the SoCal sun this week. We would love to get your feedback, some conversation, and questions for the presenters through our Twitter Twub (#tag10). Here's the event bookstore if you are so inspired.

I was hoping to embed the video link here, but since it's not working, you can watch it by clicking here, starting Wednesday Evening at 7:00 PST (that's 10:00 at home):


Anonymous said…
Bob, I've sent you a significant review at your FAITH IN THE PUBLIC SQ mailbox: Philosophers Rip Darwin.

Don't miss it!

~eric. (Eric Chaffee, Alden NY)

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