An Undisciplined Conversation?

In a previous posting, I asked the question of the goodness of a democratized theology.  This is the sense of what theology after Google.    Emergent Christianity is seen as a deconstruction of the old boundaries and rules -- including the clergy system.  That is a church that is guided or perhaps ruled by the clergy.  Anti-clericalism, of course, has long been with us. 

But there is a question that has been raised about the conversation that is going on here in Claremont.  In our embrace of democratization are we giving way to a rather undisciplined conversation.  That is, should we be more concerned about what the Reformed tradition calls doing things "decently and in order"?  Or, to put it another way, should we be concerned about "appropriateness" of our conversation? 


Anonymous said…
You're all grownups, right? Be brave. David Mc
John said…
My reactions:

Democracy is by nature unruly, undisciplined and tends to devolve power, and in this case the discourse, to the lowest common denominator - mob rule and demagoguery.

Doing things "decently and in order" and concerns about the "appropriateness" of our conversation will most certainly be lost in the new, democratic conversation. Hello New Age. Hello Wicca. Hello "I can worship better on my own".

Anonymous said…
That's interesting John. I'm reading your post at 12:44AM, but it's not being counted..

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Don't worry, you still get a vote. David Mc
Anonymous said…
I'm a Presbyterian, and I love decently and in order as much as anyone, but who says a church polity rule ought to govern an intellectual exercise like TAG? The widely diverging subjects, the collegiality, the Twitter back-channel: it's all pretty durn fun.

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