What is the Future of the Church?

The other day I posted a comment about and link to an interview with Disciple mega-church pastor Cynthia Hale.  Cynthia raised questions about the future viability of denominational structures.  Today, I viewed a video interview, posted at Homebrewed Christianity, with Bruce Epperly, a Disciple/UCC pastor/theologian/seminary professor.  The interviewer is Tripp Fuller, the coordinator of next week's Theology after Google conference.  Bruce will be on the same stage next Friday as will I.

In this interview, which lasts about 18 minutes, Tripp asks Bruce -- as a Progressive theologian -- to speak to the future of the church, emergent theology, and where we're going as the people of God.  I think you will find this an interesting conversation -- so watch and offer your thoughts.


Anonymous said…
I'm even more interested in the past. An 11,500 year old temple!?


David Mc

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