An Arab American Woman from Michigan -- Miss USA

I didn't watch the pageant last night, and I won't comment on the value or virtues of beauty pageants, but I do find it relevant to note that a Lebanese American woman from nearby Dearborn, Michigan (home of Ford Motor Company) was crowned Miss USA last night.  Michiganders, of course, are thrilled that good news can come out of our state.  But more importantly, it is a reminder that America is a diverse country.

Rima Fakih is an immigrant and a Muslim woman who attended Catholic schools.  She is the first Muslim, Arab, and immigrant to be crowned Miss USA.   She is a reminder of what America can be at its best, a place of opportunity.  It is a reminder that while we may be a Christian majority nation, there is planted in our Constitution the protections that allow people, of whatever background, to find their place in society.  

Although I don't normally congratulate beauty contest winners on my blog, I think in this case, because it is a boundary breaking event that reminds the nation that we're not just a bunch of white Christians, I will offer my word of congratulations to a fellow Michigander. 


David Mc said…
I think your wife might forgive you this one time for noticing. She's Muslim , but educated in a Christian school? She may turn out to be a great ambassador between the two faiths. I wish her joy, and most of all- the recipient of kindness and safety during her reign and life. Yeah, she looks like a beauty winner, so no claims of religious bias (or reverse bias) allowed!
Anonymous said…
Can't help but wonder if the Tea Party People are now going to protest the Miss USA pageant. I'm not into beauty pageants either, but
I do congratulate the winner, wish her much success and happiness and I hope that everyone will look beyond her religion and show her the respect she has rightly earned.
Gary said…
Where's her veil? Are muslims required to wear a veil with a swimsuit?
steve said…
Not only boundary breaking, but an amazing development the same month that Arizone passed SB1070! In spite of all the sound and fury and hatred expressed, this nation truly is amazing at times!
Anonymous said…
Steve, And from the Detroit area, where there was a near miss last Christmas with terrorist underwear. I think this is more valuable than dozens of bombs from both "sides" of the armed conflict.

She's a Shiite Muslim Gary, I'm not sure of the dress code. I see we'll hear some dirt on her soon I guess a local radio station had a pole dancing party in 2007..oops (anyway, she won). Hope it's nothing to relinquish over. That Trump likes to stay in the news, doesn't he?

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