How Will You Observe the National Day of Prayer Tomorrow?

From the Detroit Free Press -- William Archie
There is an article in the Detroit Free Press today that discusses the National Day of Prayer.  It asks the question of whether the US is a Christian nation and what that means.  I have one quote and a picture in the article -- in which I note that I'll be observing it in interfaith fashion, as should be true of a pluralistic nation. 

It is interesting that Sarah Palin gets major billing, but then she was up north of here speaking to an ultra-conservative Christian gathering.  But, the article ends with a quote from a local rabbi, and I think he gets it just about right:

"Of course America is not a Christian nation," said Rabbi Daniel Syme of Temple Beth El in Bloomfield Hills. "The founding fathers created a wall of separation of church and state. Not just a curtain -- a wall. And why? Because they were wise enough to know that if they were creating a country that would be... open to the dreams of people throughout the world, then those individuals had to be free to pursue their own faith."
I will be posting more today and tomorrow about this.  I will be sharing in an interfaith service sponsored by the Troy Interfaith Group  -- at First Presbyterian Church on Livernois Street, here in Troy. 


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