Serenity Now -- a Seinfeld Thriller

My posts have been rather theological and serious of late, which is in keeping with the nature of this blog.  But, having said that, there is always time and place for a little levity -- if you can call it that.  So, enjoy this "Trailer" of a Seinfeld thriller featuring Wayne Jackson as "Newman."  Enjoy!!


Doug Sloan said…
If there was any doubt about what kind of twisted message can be created by stringing together out-of-context snippets - this is as fine an example as there is (and with a wicked sense of humor for those familiar with the source and original context).
Rial Hamann said…
It just hit me tonight, I'm slow, that out takes, properly or inproperly combined, can be used to say almost anything.

Could it be that's why politicians run advertizing??

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