Remembering September 11 -- Nine Years Later

It has been nine years since the tragic events of 9-11.  Most of us, who can remember back to that day, have memories and thoughts.  Life may be very different for some of us as a result of the attacks.  Perhaps we have become better people, or maybe not.   The rancor that fills the streets of America today suggest that not only have most Americans not moved on, but there is a lot of anger as well as grief still brewing in our midst.

I was asked by a reporter from the Detroit Free Press to share my thoughts as a Pastor on the events of that day.  At the time I was Pastor of First Christian Church of Santa Barbara, CA and President of the Greater Santa Barbara Clergy Association.  My memories of that day are fused with the service of remembrance that we put together for the Sunday evening following 9-11.

As I remember that day, and the service that followed, I need to also stop and remember my good friend and colleague, Rev. LLoyd Saatjian.  LLoyd passed away in the last year or so, but he was a key person in making sure that this service happened.  He called me just as I was walking into my office that Tuesday morning and said -- "what should we do?"  From that question came an offer to use his church to host what would be an overflow service.  As I remember that day, and those who died, I must remember those close to me who helped me make the journey.

To read my thoughts and reflections on 9-11-- in an edited somewhat piece, because I sent a much longer piece than what could be used by the Free Press -- you can click here. 

I would invite you, the reader, to share your thoughts. 


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