Why Should the Devil Have all the Good Music?

Yesterday, I posted Steve Martin's satire -- The first Atheist Hymnal (one song).  In that song, Martin sang that the Atheists did have Rock and Roll, even if they don't have soul.  But the answer to Martin might by found in Larry Norman's classic defense of Christian rock (for those Bill Gothard fans out there, Rock and Roll is Satanic because it has a beat).


Brian said…
I'm not up to date on Christian rock. In high school I was in a Christian rock band. The keyboardist/lead singer was a talented song writer. He's now working in Nashville.

For those who have never heard of him, Phil Keaggy is a remarkable guitarist. He still makes great music. Some of it instrumental. All of it for Christ. In the early 1970's he was in a hard rock (Christian) trio named Glass Harp. You can find videos on youtube.

There's a legend that Jimi Hendrix called him the greatest guitarist in the world. The legend is most likely not true, but Keaggy is as good as anybody.

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