Energion Church Renewal Special -- 3 books by Epperly and Cornwall

What does the renewal of the church look like?  Does it involve a movement of the Holy Spirit?  That is the question that Bruce Epperly and I have sought to address.  I should add that if you have found Diana Butler Bass's Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening insightful, I believe our books will be great follow ups.

With this in mind, I thought I'd share this information from our publisher about a special package deal that includes two of Bruce's books and one of mine.  My book along with Bruce's book on Acts will be published in the next couple of weeks.  So buy now and when released you'll get the set!


Church Renewal Package

Church Renewal Package
Late in 2012 Energion Publications released Dr. Bruce Epperly's book Healing Marks, which brings the healing stories of Jesus into focus for present day ministry. In April we plan to release Unfettered Spirit: Spiritual Gifts for the New Great Awakening by Dr. Robert D. Cornwall. Finally, in June, we will release Transforming Acts: Acts of the Apostles as a 21st Century Gospel, also by Dr. Bruce Epperly. This book is not yet even in our retail catalog, but you can see the description on our list of forthcoming books.

In his challenging foreword to Unfettered Spirit, Dr. Bruce Epperly says:
... Do we need to hold a “rummage sale,” as Phyllis Tickle asserts, to get rid of another unnecessary and outmoded doctrines and practices? 
At the heart of this potential great awakening is the recovery of the experience and embody of the gifts of the Spirit within the church. Bob Cornwall sees the future of the church as involving awakening to God’s Spirit. Cornwall images a spirit-empowered church that is sensitive to God’s gifts in personal and community life. A spirit-empowered church expects great things from and this expectation leads to expecting great things from ourselves and our communities. The church has too often “played small” and expected to little from itself and God when Jesus challenges us to do greater things. If we ask and knock, we will experience life-changing and mission-inspiring surprises. Cornwall’s project involves an adventure of the Spirit which gives life to the description of the body of Christ as an interdependent and gifted community of faith. (emphasis mine)
To hear more on church renewal from Bob Cornwall and Bruce Epperly, check out their responses to our interview on renewing mainline congregations.

So what is this package all about?

One of the questions I hear over and over again when I visit or teach in various mainline churches is this: How do we bring some life to this church? It's a good question. In many cases churches are just existing, slowly dying as they become more and more irrelevant to their communities.

Both Bruce Epperly and Bob Cornwall have found some real guidance in the pages of Scripture. They see a challenge to bring the gospel message to life even in a pluralistic, postmodern  society. They both have practiced what they're preaching in these books, and they bring you strong new ideas. This is biblically rooted theology brought to practical application.

Each of these books will be of great benefit. Together, they can give you the tools to discern what God is trying to do in your church and community and to find the guidance you need to take action.

So until Transforming Acts ships in June, I'm making a special offer. Order the package of all three books, and I'll ship you Healing Marks right away. Then I'll ship you the other two as they appear. I'll do all of this for just $29.99 including shipping. That's better than 30% off. Once Unfettered Spirit ships in April, we'll continue the discount at 20% off, then when Transforming Acts is released in June, this package will sell for $39.99 or 10% off the cover price of the three books.

So order your package today. To get this offer, order it from this page, not from the individual book pages. We'll ship you all three books as they're released.

(This package includes books on pre-order. Please read our pre-order policies. If you prefer not to make a pre-paid pre-order, you can e-mail us and ask to be notified when each book is released. Our books generally are available for pre-order on Amazon.com as well.)

List Price: $44.97
Price: $29.99


John said…
Bob, I have to say that the publisher's write up is an editorial mess! Normally, I ignore the occasional editorial mistake, but in the excerpt above the errors just keep coming. I must assume that the editors provide no editorial assistance in your writing process - not that yo would want it form them! But the mistakes made the reading impossible.

Robert Cornwall said…

I've read this over several times, and don't see the errors you see present. I think there is a word that is dropped from Bruce's foreword, but these have been taken care of.

Anyway, the books should all be helpful reads, worth picking up!

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