Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Obama andClinton Responses to Smear Campaign

Spokespersons for both the Obama and Clinton campaigns have responded to this "story" about Obama's past. David Axelrod of Obama's staff calls it a fabrication and Clinton's staff respond that they had nothing to do with what is an attempt to smear both Obama and Clinton.

And to think we're so early in the political season, just think what might be coming down the pipeline.

It takes either insanity or courage to run for President!

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kwenk said...

It's interesting that we have come to the point where the possibility of being a Muslim is a "smear", and that suggesting someone might be one is also a "smear". Fascinating how the "religious right" (which is usually neither) is already doing its dirty work behind the scenes. If anyone ever told the truth, how would we know?