The Smear Begins

Melissa Rogers alerts us to a story in the Right Wing online journal Insight, which has ties to the National Review and Washington Times, that seeks to again smear Barak Obama as a Muslim incognito. This article which suggests that the information comes from Hillary Clinton's office, apparently seeks to smear her as well. As some would say, the Swift Boating begins.

Through the use of innuendo, and other means, the charge is that Obama who spent about 4 years of his childhood in Indonesia and attended a predominantly Muslim school, was really educated in a Saudi sponsored Wahabist Madrases. Now I don't know if the Saudi's were sponsoring Madrases back then in Indonesia, but this "wolf in sheep's clothing" is really despicable.

Barak Obama has been an active member of Trinity UCC in Chicago and is quite explicit about his Christian faith, but that being said, even if at one time he was a Muslim or that he harbors fondness for Islam is really beside the point. We live in a nation without religious tests. I find it incredulous that anyone would imply that somehow he's really an agent for extremist Islam. But of course the fear mongers will do what they can to keep our nation locked in the dark ages!


Mystical Seeker said…
My guess is that somebody's been watching the movie "The Manchurian Candidate" and took it a little too seriously. :) Really, though, it is kind of odd that any believer in Christianity, which has throughout its history has been a proselytizing faith, would actually suggest that converts from another religion can't ever be trusted.
Mystical Seeker, I think you've hit it on the head here. Christians believe in conversion(as do Muslims). If conversion is a possibility, then why not accept it as true? Of course the smear campaign activists will point to some radical Islamist who says that once a Muslim, always a Muslim. The fact is, Barak Obama as an adult chose to become a Christian and was received into the church. What more could a Christian want?

By the way, thanks for stopping by and contributing to the discussion!

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