5 Blogs That Make Me Think

Dr. Richard Beck at Experimental Theology award me a Thinking Blogs Award. I am deeply honored and flattered by this nomination, as I do believe that Richard's blog is not just intriguing and down right challenging, but it often is cutting edge stuff that we pastors must take note of. He also reminds me of deficiencies regarding my psychological training.

So, the idea here is to choose five bloggers who make you think. So here are my five, among the many I monitor, that I find most intriguing. If I had time and energy I'd add others of you, but here are five.

  • Diana Butler Bass -- Diana blogs for the Belief.net God's Politics blog of Jim Wallis. Diana's writings are challenging and hopeful. As in her books, so in her blogs.

  • Mystical Seeker -- Now Mystical Seeker and I don't see eye to eye on a number of things, but I appreciate his quest for truth, knowledge, and spiritual experience of God. But his honesty and quest lead me to nominate him and his blog -- A Blog of Mystical Searches.

  • Mike Leaptrott has become a regular here and like Mystical Seeker, his quest has challenged me in my thinking. So, I say congratulations for good work at The Nuts: A Progressive Christian Blog.

  • John Spalding is editor and writer for SoMA Review. John is a challenging writer, and since I've been published on his online journal/blog several times, let me tell you he's a great editor. When I send things to him the end up sounding so God, I can't believe I wrote them.

  • Finally I go in a different direction from these previous four blogs, all of which deal with religious ideas and nominate Craig Smith. Now Craig Smith is a local Santa Barbara blogger who keeps us informed about the comings and goings of this town I live in, but most especially the News Press Mess! So, thanks Craig for doing this.


Mystical Seeker said…
I am honored and flattered to be on your list. You might be interested to know that I nominated your blog in the religion category of the Bloggers Choice Awards.

Like you, I don't necessarily always agree with the writers of my favorite blogs.

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