Another Debate -- No New Revelations

I either teach a Bible Study or have some other church related event on Tuesday evening, so once again I missed the debate between Barack and Hillary. That's okay -- I've already cast my vote (I voted in California's primary on February 5).

This was, however, the last debate before the March 4th primaries in Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Everyone, including Bill Clinton, concedes she must win Texas and Ohio or drop out. By most accounts she must win these by sizable amounts and then run the table. The likelihood of this is not high. She had to hope that tonight he would make a major blunder, but he didn't. Most polls suggest that Obama is now slightly ahead in Texas and is closing in quickly in Ohio. Now, as we know the polls have been fickle of late. But, if the momentum is as strong as it seems to be, it's quite likely that he will win at least one of these two states.

So, at the end of the night. They had their toe-to-toe. From what I read, no knock out punch was thrown. She made her points, he made his. Now, the voters will get their chance. And then, decisions will have to be made. Stay tuned!


Unless a skeleton comes tumbling out of Obama's closet in the next few days or so, the question is no longer whether or not he's got the nomination but when or if Clinton intends to leave the race. Unless her plan is to help the Dems snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in November, the sooner she gets out after March 4th, the better.

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