Friday, February 29, 2008

Clinton Whines Again

This has been a very odd nomination season for the Democrats. It's astonishing to watch Hillary's campaign complain every time it seems as if she's going to lose or has lost. Even though she was the "presumptive" nominee back in the fall, and assumed she was going to be in it for the long haul, you would think she'd know what the rules are. Over the past months she's complained about caucuses, claiming that they favor Obama's voters. My question is: why is that? Why can't she reach out to a broader range of voters? Or, is the real reason for her losses is that she has been out organized.
So, now, just days before the Texas vote, with Obama seemingly ahead, she's challenging the rules. Why? Because she thinks they're unfair. But funny thing is -- her husband was able to do just fine under the same rules. Why are they such a mystery now?
Hillary, here's my suggestion: stop complaining about how everyone is picking on you. It's not a good sign if you think you should be the next Commander in Chief.
The simple fact is: Barack Obama is more than a good speaker, he's an excellent organizer. And that is why he's winning.

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haitianministries said...

"Shame on you, Hillary! Shame on you!"