A HUGE WIN in Wisconsin

There was talk that Hillary might sneak in and win this thing. Indeed, there were those who said that Obama might have crested and will start to slow down. A close race was assumed. The answer my friend, that's blowing in the wind, is this. At this point with 85% of the votes in. Obama leads 58% to 41%. Barack Obama has won a major victory in Wisconsin, a state Hillary originally thought about passing by and then went after. It's also telling that John McCain is lighting into Obama, using much of the same "failed" rhetoric of all style and no substance, of false promises, and such -- all of which hasn't gotten Hillary anywhere. I was hoping a McCain-Obama race would be civil, but at least at this point that doesn't seem likely. Which, is too bad!

In a season of transition, where America seeks change, 2008 is increasingly looking as if we will have a major choice to make. As Donna Brazile noted last week, the choice is between "Fear, Fear, Fear" and "Hope, Hope, Hope." Which one will you choose? As the parent of a soon to be 18 year old, whose going off to college, I'm putting my money on hope!

The race isn't over on the Democratic side, but barring major missteps, it would seem difficult for Hillary to catch up. I expect that she will become increasingly negative, at least in the near term, but I don't think it will get her anywhere. The next test is March 4th, when Texas and Ohio are in play. Obama is, it appears, already drawing close in Texas. Time will tell, and maybe soon.


Several major voices are now calling for Clinton to pack it in--not even waiting for Ohio and Texas--so that the party can concentrate on McCain.

I don't think she will quit until after 05 March, but I think even her strongest supporters will desert her then--and no Democrat wants to see her pulling a Huckabee. (On the other hand I am grateful for Huckabee's distraction of McCain until after Obama wins.) Clinton had no real post-Super Tues. strategy.

She's now banking heavily on 2 debates and big wins in OH and TX. But Obama has pulled even with her in TX and is gaining on her in OH. Ohio and Wisconsin are very similar--except that far more African-Americans live in Ohio. That does not bode well for her.

And you can't spin 10 losses in a row as anyting but BAD.

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