Ten In A Row!

I had to wait until this morning to see what happened in Hawaii. There was some thought that Hillary might ultimately do well there -- having gained the support of a couple of big unions and Sen. Daniel Inoye. But Obama's victory was huge -- 76-24%. That's on top of the 58-41 drubbing he gave her in Wisconsin, a primary in which the polls going in suggested that she'd pulled even. Didn't happen.
That John McCain is setting his sights on Obama (and getting nasty) suggests that he knows who is opponent will be. I don't expect Hillary to quit before March 4, but if Obama wins one or both of these two big states and she doesn't win in landslide fashion, then she will have to step aside. If she doesn't I expect that her Superdelegates will start to pull back, switch sides, and her financial backing will dry up. Unless she'd rather have John McCain be President, she needs to put aside her ego and consider what's best for the party and the nation. In other words, don't be like that former governor from Arkansas (not your husband) and hang on too long.
As for McCain, who tries to take up Hillary's failed litany about empty rhetoric, Obama has a nice response: McCain is a genuine hero, but unfortunately he has tied himself to the failed policies of the Bush administration. That will be his undoing -- his support for George Bush on the war, on economics, and now on torture.


Drew said…
Quote of the day:

"I will work hard to make sure Americans aren't deceived by an eloquent but empty call for change."

What does McCain actually mean here? It sounds like he will fight for no talk of change then, right? McCain won't change a thing? Is that how we need to read it? If so, you are sooo right about McCain's undoing. Status Quo is the empty position here it seems, not inspiring people to believe that change is actually possible. Or, he could be setting it up to say to Obama, if you are elected, the Republicans will see to it that you do not get the change you want.

It's al kind of shady.
The delegate math now demands that Clinton win OH and TX by 20 points or more--which is just not possible. There are several calls by writers on the Huffington Post for her to drop out, now. Which she won't until after 05 Mar.

McCain attacked Obama today as too hawkish on Pakistan--which is rich considering that Obama is already reaching out to the victorious parties in the Pakistani election. And McCain wants to bomb Iran and stay in Iraq forever. And he's urging Bush to veto the bill to ban waterboarding that Obama voted for, McCain voted against, and Clinton skipped out on. Don't fear McCain.

Some Dems think the McCain nomination will hurt their Western mountain strategy of winning NM, CO, NV and AZ, but I don't. I think the Latinos will see McCain's flip-flop on immigration and vote for Obama--although AZ is probably lost, now. Further, Obama puts Texas in play for the first time in YEARS.

State Sen. Kirk Watson's "deer in the headlights" moment on MSNBC last night hurt Obama, but not mortally--see my blog.

I think you can see in McCain's embrace of the Bush policies, that he aims to stay the course -- thus any call for change is out of bounds and bogus. We'll see who has the upper hand!
On Obama and Pakistan, this whole argument is bogus. Obama never said he would attack Pakistan. He said if we had evidence that Bin Laden was present in Pakistan and Pakistan chose to ignore it then he would consider going in and taking care of it. He's not talking about bombing Islamabad!
"He's not talking about bombing Islamabad!" Right--and, as several responsible journalists are pointing out, the CIA's current unmanned drone attacks on Taliban and al-Qaeda camps along the Afghan/Pakistania border are exactly the sort of thing he had in mind. As a pacifist, I think there are other approaches--but I never was crazy enough to believe this country was ready for a pacifist prez.--I'll be glad to get a non-warmonger and non-torturer!

Clinton needed a knock-out punch in last night's debate in Austin. Didn't happen--and Obama's getting better on debate. He played defense--which is what frontrunners do in debates--but got in a few good counterpunches. It looked good for his future mopping of the floor with McCain.

The results from the Democrats Abroad primary (which happened all over the world on Super Tues.) finally came in--another blowout for Obama. 11 in a row. Only 22 delegates were at stake, but consider: These are Americans who have to live every day with the chaos and anti-Americanism caused by Bush. So, if they think Obama can change that more than Clinton, they should be listed to closely!

Clinton seemed to give up her superdelegate strategy last night. So, if she loses TX and OH, I think she will bow out.

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