Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Will the Momentum Continue?

Barack Obama is on quite a roll. Since Super Tuesday, when he won 13 states (with one still not called a week later) though not NY or California, Barack Obama has been on a roll, taking in lots of cash and has won a string of five contests, with three more tomorrow. Obama is favord in all three, although as we've seen, these things are tricky. If he wins these 3 and then Wisconsin and Hawaii, he will have won a string of 10 straight going into March 4th when Ohio and Texas vote.
Hillary is making these two states her firewall -- that plus her hope that she can persuade Superdelegates to throw the nomination to her, even without a mandate of the voters. That would be an unwise decision come November. My expectation is that many of the Superdelegates, even some now backing one or the other of the candidates, will follow the voters.
The voters can sense momentum. They could, as with the McCain-Huckabee contest, want to send a message (not yet John), but in the end will fall in line. If Obama wins these next five contests I expect at least one of the two biggies will go his way --- probably Ohio. But we will see!
Tomorrow its Maryland, DC, and Virginia. We look forward to seeing how you decide the Potomic Primaries!

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