Time to Vote

It's been a long time . . .. Since anyone voted in this very long nominating process. Six weeks of non-stop campaigning, and its not been pretty. Now, we're on the eve of the Pennsylvania Primary. Hillary Clinton has a narrow lead in a state that she once had a commanding lead. As with Ohio, where she tossed in that 3 AM ad, now at the last minute she throws in one that raises the specter of Osama Bin Laden. It is a classic ploy in a politics of fear. It is a ploy the Republicans used in 2004 to great effect, and Hillary, having learned the wrong lessons is invoking it.

And of course, by raising the name of Osama Bin Laden, she gets to feed those rampant rumors that Barack Obama is really a covert Muslim -- Osama Obama, as Rush and friends like to call him.

I hope the people of Pennsylvania will say no to this obviously desperate ploy. I can't vote tomorrow, but I encourage all Pennsylvania Democrats to say yes to Barack!


Hillary's dredging up old questions about Obama's lack of ability to lead in a national crisis is simply a ploy to distract attention from the fact that, too many times, she herself has capitulated to the Bush doctrine of "shoot first, ask questions later"--not exactly good qualities for executive leadership!

Perhaps the pundits are right about America (or for that matter, the Democratic Party itself) not yet being ready for a black president. The level of ignorance, racism, and ethnocentrism this campaign season has been appalling! Despite his "inexperience" vis-a-vis the other candidates, Obama has some of the very qualities America needs to move past the quagmire of the Bush administration.
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