After the Gold Rush -- Emmy Lou, Dolly and Linda

Neil Young is a wonderful writer, not such a great singer. So, here's Dolly Parton, Emmy Lou Harris, and Linda Ronstadt offering their cover of Young's "After the Gold Rush." Enjoy!


Mike Ruffin said…
Neil Young not a great singer! Come on! I'd put his vocal stylings right up there with Bob Dylan and Tom Petty!
Anonymous said…
Neil's voice, like Petty's, is ragged, as are his messages, and thus it is a good medium. A more polished voice would eliminate the emotion.

Dylan's voice used to be ragged, but now it is just ruined.

Neil's problem now is choosing what to leave in and what to leave out as to new lyrics and new material in general.

But he is still capable of songs like "Looking Forward."


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