Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Have Arrived!

Travels can be travails, but our trip east was generally enjoyable. We saw a beautiful country, and the route we took crossed beautiful but often lonely countryside. Wyoming is pretty barren of people. Nebraska and Iowa are more developed, but still quite rural. Even much of western Illinois is rural. But, we're here in Michigan. The furniture has arrived, and it's time to unpack.

The future stands before us. We pray for good things -- both for us and for the church.

Soon, I'll get back to regular posting, but for now, I'm hit and miss.

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Volney Faustini said...

Dear brother

Your journey continues - but for a blessed stay in your new church and community.

We pray the Lord may strengthen you and your loved ones as all things are settling down. I now what is moving (19 times until I got married) My dad was in the Army. ;)