Presidential Race Heats Up

Usually the VP candidate is the attack dog, but since John McCain hasn't chosen his yet, he's taken on the role. Barack Obama has been traveling through the Middle East and Europe, largely doing some listening. John McCain dared him to do just that, but now that he's there it's all a campaign stunt. McCain is also dwelling on the surge, which is coming to an end -- suggesting that Obama's opposition to the surge was political calculation and that Obama is willing to lose a war to win an election. The other night David Gergen suggested this had gone beyond the pale and was tantamount to accusing Obama of treason.

Now, from my perspective, watching Obama's trip I've seen someone willing to listen, take cautious positions, and remind people that he's not yet President (there's only one at a time). He's not always taken positions I've agreed with -- I think he's trying to be too pro-Israel, but at least he's more willing to talk to the Palestinians than McCain. That neither side is totally happy suggests that he's on the right track.

The campaign season is still a long ways from completion, but McCain's negative tone suggests that he's worried about Obama's lead. Here in Michigan we're seeing lots of ads, many stressing McCain's imprisonment in North Vietnam. McCain is a war hero, but that doesn't mean he's the best equipped to be President.


There's a new poll that shows that Obama leads McCain in MI--except if McCain chooses Romney as VP. Then all bets are off.

I have liked Obama's trip, but he needs to come home now and revisit all those places where McCain is trying to cut into his lead.

If John Edwards won't take Obama's VP slot, he should go with Joe Biden or Wes Clark. As much as I like Kathleen Sebellius, I just can't see her bring the necessary people to the polls: key states (Kansas won't flip this time--maybe in '12), the working class, Catholics, military folk, etc.

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