All the People are Welcome

My congregation isn't part of the United Church of Christ -- though we're partners (Disciples of Christ) -- but this commercial is excellent and represents the vision I have for our congregation.


Mystical Seeker said…
I like that ad a lot, but they had another video from that same ad that I liked even better, the controversial "ejector seat" ad.
Anonymous said…
This is also the vision expressed by another UCC partner (and Disciples partner), the Alliance of Baptists, the tiny liberal Baptist denomination to which I belong. And it is the vision lived out in my congregation, Jeff Street Baptist Community at Liberty.

BTW, I still give thanks to the UCC and Disciples for sponsoring the Alliance of Baptists as we became the most recent members of the National Council of Churches, USA. They are also sponsoring us as we apply to the World Council of Churches. We are definitely kindred spirits and concrete partners in several missions projects.

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