Obama and Families

We hear a lot about family values. What exactly does that mean? For some it means being anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, and pro-tax cuts (for the rich?). But might not family values mean something much broader? Might it have to do with education, health care, jobs, housing?

From the response given to John McCain Saturday evening at the Rick Warren event, you may be led to believe that evangelicals are strongly in his camp. Yes, they cheered his answers, which to me seemed almost pandering.

But not all Christians nor all evangelicals stand in McCain's camp, nor do all evangelicals define family values in quite the same way.

There is an ad for Obama (which some people have seen as being anti-McCain) that reminds us that families are very important to him. Among the people appearing in this ad are Brian McLaren and George Bush's pastor, Kirby John Caldwell.

Take a look and a listen -- it's from the Matthew 25 group and is not sponsored by Obama's campaign.


Anonymous said…
Not standing too closely by his half-brother who lives in Kenya on $1 a month when Obama made 4 million last year...

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