Tax Game

John McCain says that Barack Obama will raise middle class tax rates -- well here's what the two tax plans will likely do. From the LA Times -- What do you think?


I think that with real median family income at $48, 201 (but often achieved with multiple jobs per family) that both candidates are too generous in their breaks to those making above $75,000. Obama's plan is better, but still doesn't tax the 40-75,000 bracket or the 100-250,000 bracket enough for them to pay their fair share and to pay for universal health care, better education for all, etc. McCain's plan, of course, is just disastrous.

As the race is now too close to call, CNN's biased reporting on Rezko, etc. is worrying me. I think Obama may have begun to lose at Saddleback--which I believe was Warren's intention. I hope the VP nominee and the DNC can re-start this campaign. If Democrats are united, energized (including some righteous anger along with hope)/passionate, and organized, we will win both the presidency and wider majorities in Congress. If not, McCain will narrowly take the White House.

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