The VP Decision

Tomorrow we will know who Barack Obama has chosen for VP. There has been a lot of speculation running out there, and I've had my thoughts on the process. But now that we're down to the wire, speculation suggests Joe Biden.

David Brooks says he hopes Biden's the one. I don't always agree with Brooks, often don't (perhaps more often than not), but I think he may be on to something. Whatever Biden's flaws, most of them are right out on the surface -- he talks too much. But, Biden is a fighter and he's experienced. He's blue collar and Catholic. He's old school, but open to the future. He's independent, which is something Obama says he's looking for in a VP.

In recent months I've thought that this or that one might be a good choice, but given everything, choosing Joe Biden is probably the best thing he can do. We'll see, but I think this is a good move (if it happens). Of course, I've always liked him!


Anonymous said…
he is choosing Bayh..
No offense.. but your blog seems awfully political for a blog about a Faith Journey. Not quite what I expected.. not to mention I am pretty nervous about politics being the "Savior".
Politics is part of life and thus I've chosen to address it. That being so, I don't in any way believe that politics is any one's savior. Nor is any politician our savior.
I hope it's not Bayh, who has no principles at all and who cannot bring Indiana with him. Biden is a good choice. If there are any surprises, I hope it is Wes Clark.

Bob, politics IS part of life and part of any faith journey. But obsession with any one political race (a trap I almost fell into as well) turns you/us into a mirror of the Religious Right.
Anonymous said…
Michael you are right on what I was thinking. I found a link off another blog and expected to find some interesting posts, but the blog read like one large O commercial. I am not that old.. but I still remember the "Can't stop thinking about tomorrow" Clinton days, the excitement to have "Christian morals" back in the White House w/Bush, so perhaps I tend to be skeptical about the "hope" speeches. O distance himself from the church when the firestorm came, he caved to Hillary on having a vote on her at the convention, even now he seems to be waiting to make a VP selection.... I just hope this isn't a precursor to future days.

While I agree politics is a part of life, perhaps the harder response is how involved does a Christian become? Jesus completed avoided politics when bringing about His kingdom.. so I am curious y'alls thoughts on that tension between utilizing the church vs the "state" to meet the needs of our community.
Anonymous said…
sorry.. ps... reported Bayh.. thats where I got the name.
Never trust the Drudge Report to have ANYTHING right, anonymous. It's Biden and he's a good choice, although I still would have preferred Wes Clark. But let's remember: Although the moderators nearly shut Biden out of the primary debates, when he was allowed to speak he gave VERY thoughtful answers. His "noun and a verb and 9/11" comment destroyed Giuliani's campaign, so he can probably give McCain some heat--as he did with his "bs" comment when McCain accused Obama of treason for desiring to talk to Iran.

Biden had thoughtful ideas on how to change things for the better in Pakistan and the Georgians asked for him by name. He's also a Catholic from working class roots, which will help Obama.

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