Sunday, August 10, 2008

War in the Caucasus Region

Even as the Olympics are underway, war is afoot in the Caucuses. Russians and Georgians have been at war over the region of South Ossetia, a region that has been part of Georgia, but which is pro-Moscow. I'm not sure who started this, but whatever the cause numerous civilians have died and have been put in harms way. This also shows that the break up of the Soviet Empire has left the region deeply troubled.

At the same time America has little influence, indeed as I listen to Americans chide the Russians for their aggression, our own aggression in Iraq undermines our witness. Did we not do much the same thing as the Russians have done? Again, we have lost our moral foundations, making our efforts to bring peace ring hollow.

The people of this region are in my thoughts and prayers. May they find peace and a solution to their boundary disputes.

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Reva Rasmussen said...

Pastor Bob,
I keep blogs for my church, Pilgrim Lutheran of St. Paul, MN and a personal blog about China where I lived for several years. You may know that was a call from many, including Amnesty International for George W. Bush to use the opening ceremonies of the Olympics as a time to speak to China about its human rights abuses and use of torture on prison. I can hardly type on. It is absurd to think George W. could be taken credibly on these issues anywhere in the world. If he takes this stand against China, it only will prove to the Chinese that American democracy is hypocritical and not to be believed or desired.
Thanks for your thoughts, I have just discovered your blog and the wonderful network of progressive Christians.
Reva Rasmussen