Draft Day

Well, as I take a break in the midst of sermon writing, I thought I'd consider the ramifications of draft day -- NFL draft day, that is.

I am a San Francisco 49er fan, though I've been known to be a Steeler fan, during 49er doldrums (like in the 1970s). Since the 49ers have struggled of late, I've had to turn to other teams (like the Steelers), but now I live in Detroit, home of the first 0-16 NFL team. Thus, even in my new home town, I'm without a truly great, or even a good football team to cheer on. It's kind of like the bad old days of the 1970s when the Oregon Ducks and the OSU Beavers were always really bad!

But today is draft day and hope always springs eternal on draft day -- though the Lions don't have the best track record when it comes to drafting. So, we'll see if Matt Stafford is the savior or not -- the Lions have inked him with the first pick. As a 49er fan I remember Alex Smith, a quarterback with a lot of promise, but apparently not a good fit for the system. I also remember that the Lions once drafted Joey Harrington, of Oregon, to be their franchise QB.

One thing about being the top draft choice is that, unless you've been traded up for by a winning team, you have to fend for yourself. Bad teams usually have a poor cast of characters to surround you with, and unless you can move fast you probably will spend your first year or so flat on your back -- which makes for a skittish QB (Joey's fate, perhaps?).

So, here we are, hoping that Matt Stafford will make good, and help make the Lions good! I'm also hoping that the 49ers have a good draft (I remain, what I am -- a 49er fan, unless I have to be a Steeler fan).


Country Parson said…
I am quite serious when I say that my very liberal friends consider me to be much too conservative and orthodox, while my very conservative friends consider me to be liberal to the point of heresy. I don't know if that puts me in the middle. I do know that I feel quite comfortable in being well anchored in the Anglican traditions of the Episcopal Church.
Anonymous said…
I dunno parson, you seem kind of lost.

Kidding. You still surf?

David Mc

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