The Boundary Breaking God -- a Theolog Review

My review of Danielle Shroyer's meditation, The Boundary Breaking God, which explores the biblical story of the God who continually breaks down the boundaries of our expectations, is now at the Christian Century blog -- Theolog.  An unsigned version of this review can be found in the latest issue of the Century.

Just to get you started reading, here is the opening.

Where has God been, and where is God going? According to Danielle Shroyer, the biblical story offers important clues as to the nature and activities of God in the past, present and future.

Shroyer, an evangelical pastor and a leader at Emergent Village, says that God is in the business of crossing boundaries and breaking down barriers: the biblical story "is always expanding, growing, moving, and being created, even this very moment." This gives us hope, because God’s promises are the "activation seeds of God’s future, the energy particle that launches the story further out."  (click here to continue reading).


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