Limbaugh's Inanity -- Haiti

Okay, Pat's comments were stupid and even evil, but you know, I think Rush may have pushed the boundaries even further.  Maybe know people will see Rush for who he is.

To say that Obama is making political hay with the Haiti crisis to score points with minorities is simply crass and ignorant.  To say that we shouldn't give aid to the people of Haiti reveals him to be a person without any sense of compassion.  Indeed, you can see in his comments on the radio signs of sociopathy.  Indeed, even Pat Buchanan says that his remarks are insensitive.  

Support for US outreach to Haiti is bipartisan, with leaders from both parties pledging support and former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush joining together to spearhead fundraising.

So, maybe we can know recognize Rush for being the bigot that he is.  Beyond that, perhaps it's time for Rush and Pat to leave the airwaves.


Life Liturgy said…
AMEN! Preach it Bro Bob!
I'm basically here just to "delurk". I read your blog all the time and particularly appreciate your comments on this latest subject!
John said…
While I think Pat Robertson is misguided, I really think he sincerely wants to do and say what is acceptable to God.

Rush on the other hand may truly be evil. He panders and exploits the fears of his audience, and, saying whatever he believes will boost his rating and his ego. He cares nothing about those who are suffering, except as objects of hatred, scorn, and derision. He is at best a demagogue, and at heart a bigoted fascist.

Simon Cozens said…
Will we see him for who he is? I think we already do - we know he's an uncompassionate, bigoted blowhard. Will his listeners see him for who he is? I think they already do - that's why they listen to him. I don't see how the latest insanity changes anything.
Gary said…
Rush never said not to donate to Haiti. You're a liar, Cornwall.

You're also an idiot. hussein obama is certianly trying to make political points off of Haiti. obama doesn't take a crap without trying to gain politically from it.

And if you think you can get Rush off the airwaves, you had better reconsider. If obama tries to get Rush off the air, he will have more problems than he ever imagined he would. And so will you.
I took a listen to Rush, and if anyone has politicized this, it is Rush. But enough about Rush and Pat -- they are irrelevant. Now, let's help out a people are in great need.
Anonymous said…
AMEN BOB... I pondered my post to this subject, but you encapsulated. Lets shut up and help!!! I wonder if Satan just laughs when we sit back and debate who made the worst comment vs digging in and helping!!
We spend all our time worried about these quotes and not enough time figuring out what we can do!!

Anonymous said…
Often, the best way to respond to an ignorant narcissist to say " ".

I agree with Gary though, if we let the government curb our freedom of speech and action for political reasons, we're likely all doomed to a living, silent hell on earth.

We vote by our actions. That's enough for me. I don't ever listen to these clowns. Sometimes that feels like a more effective vote than even going to the polls. David Mc

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