A President Speaks On the Union

Last night the President of the United States spoke to the nation about the state of the union.  I didn't see all of it -- but watched a considerable portion on CSPAN (Here is a link to a transcript).  Before turning to CSPAN I watched for a few minutes the conversation at CNN.  Typical, the Republicans didn't like the speech, more Democratic commentators did.  Gloria Borger was amazed it took 25 minutes to get to health care, but then it appears that Americans are tired of that conversation.  But, as I watched the middle section of the speech, I heard him take up health care -- in context.  He made it clear that we've gotten this close to reform, and so we can't let it drop now.   He admitted that he hadn't done a good job telling the story -- but he put it in context in the speech.  Indeed, he remains committed as ever, but it needs to be seen in context of bettering our economic situation.

The economy was the focus of his attention -- he reminded Congress (and us) that he came into office with a crisis already afoot.  He had to focus on things like upholding the banks -- not because he loves Wall Street, but because a collapse of Wall Street would have affected Main Street.  But, now its time to get focused on Main Street -- where we all live and work.  

Now, as a Democrat, I appreciated the "partisan" points -- especially his reminding the Democrats in Congress that they continue to have substantial majorities, and also telling Republicans in the Senate not to make 60 votes in the Senate a requirement for doing any business in Congress. 

As I watched him speak, I saw the humor come back, the smile, the comfortable nature of earlier speeches.  It seemed as if he'd broken out of the straitjacket that's been holding him in.  Barack Obama is a serious fellow.  A scholar, a thoughtful person.  I like that in him -- maybe that's because I see a bit of myself in him. 

The message has been delivered, both parties have been enjoined to come together and do the business of the country and not make every day a campaign day.  America has a bright future -- if we're willing to work together.  That's a good message to take home!


godamongus said…
Great insight! God bless you. Keep up the good writing.
Curly said…
Liberals and Conservatives want different countries. Working together is impossible.
Anonymous said…
"reminded Congress (and us) that he came into office with a crisis already afoot." His "that's a fact Jack" look cracked me up. I did appreciate the speech, and thought the Republican response was very respectful. Oh, I guess I was most appreciative of his lashing of the court and his hope that Congress reverse the effect of its corporate finance ruling (separation of powers aside). David Mc
Anonymous said…
I appreciated President Obama's speech, I also liked the fact that he was able to still joke, and yet be extremely serious when needed.

I wish the two sides would stop their power plays with each other and start working together, as the President stated...to vote no for the simple reason they are voting yes is not productive. I also liked the comment regarding them having to work and not be campaigning.

I appreciated the fact that he began with reminding everyone of the 4 Trillion Dollar deficit that he inherited, I believe people need to be reminded of that, and that he already had a plan worked out to pay back the deficit he created in bailing out the banks. I love the idea of a fine on the banks and agree 1000%.

I also liked his challenge that if anyone had a better answer for something that would work regarding Health Insurance Reform, than to please let him know...and I really liked that he called it Health Insurance Reform (at least at first) and not Health Care Reform.

All in all I thought it was a good speech, and I hope that the Republicans and Democrats can just work together to accomplish what is good for our nation.

Rial Hamann said…
It's about time that someone (Obama) call a turkey a turkey.

Thats right. I forgot. He did
Anonymous said…
filibuster facts David Mc


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