Sharon Watkins and the President

What role should religion play in public life? And what kind of person is best suited to be present in such a conversation.   My hope is that the faith leaders who are active in public life will be both willing to speak truth to power and act with sufficient humility so as not to demand that their views be heard.  I hope that such a person would be inclusive in vision, recognizing that ours is a diverse world.

Each President has sought out his (so far as you know, its male Presidents) has ought out his own advisors. There have been those like Billy Graham who have had access to most Presidents. US News and World Report is profiling President Obama's advisors, and among those on his list include Rev. Sharon Watkins, General Minister and President of the Disciplis soes of Christ -- my denomination. I must say that I am pleased that this is true -- Sharon is a wise and thoughtful religious leader, one who is willing to speak truth to power, but also one who recognizes that there is a line between church and state. I invite you to check out the article.


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