Smoking Bans: Hey Michigan, if NC can do it, so can we!

One of the things I had to get used to once I moved to Michigan was asking for a seat in a non-smoking section.  Having lived in California, which banned smoking in most public buildings (something Oregon has long since done), it was difficult to remember to ask that question.  Fortunately, most national chains already ban smoking, but local establishments are less likely to do so.

But news to all, if the people of North Carolina, a state that produces half the nation's tobacco, can ban smoking in restaurants and bars, so can the rest of us!  Some would say that this is an infringement on the rights of smokers.  That may be so, but to go into a restaurant and have to experience someone else's smoke is an infringement on my rights.  And with all of the information we have about second hand smoke, well it's a national health hazard for workers.

So, Michigan legislators -- get busy and get this law passed!!!  Yes, this is one of my pet peeves!!


Allan R. Bevere said…
Ohio passed the same kinds of laws a few years ago, and I have to say that it is quite nice to eat in a restaurant and not have to taste cigarette smoke with your meal.

The only thing I object to on this subject are those who want to outlaw such things as cigar bars. I see no need to do that since, I as a non-smoker have to reason to be in one. If a half a dozen people want to get together in a cigar store and smoke stogies and talk politics, that is fine by me. I won't be joining them.
Allan R. Bevere said…
I should have proofed my previous comment. I have no reason to be in a cigar store.
Anonymous said…
Hashish bars, that's a totally different story!

We were taking about a garden for the church? I know how we can get more community recognition for our compassion! It would have to be a locked greenhouse however. David Mc

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