Troy's proposed tax increase ignites debate | | The Detroit News

Well, I'm back in the middle of things -- here is a link to a Detroit News article about the upcoming Troy Property Tax increase election. There's a forum tomorrow evening, that takes up the issue sponsored by the Troy Leadership Coalition. It will be interesting to see how this election goes -- if the measure fails there could be serious cuts in services in the city. Even if passed, due to decreasing revenues, things will remain tight. What most folks don't understand is that the majority of our property taxes go to support the schools. The portion for the city is rather small. But there are a lot of important services, from police to fire, road work and more, along with such "amenities" as libraries and museums. Some would call a library a luxury or a nonessential item. But from the days of Andrew Carnegies libraries, it has been understood that public libraries are essential to the common good of the community. I will be voting yes on this measure.

You may read the article by clicking below. I'd welcome your thoughts.

Troy's proposed tax increase ignites debate The Detroit News


Rial Hamann said…
Ok Bob, Lets give a hand for the kid.

Yes, this young man has taken the bull by the horns and has jumped into the fray. So, good job!

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