An Alternative to Warren's "Purpose Driven Life"

Ethics Daily has posted an edited version of Bruce Epperly's post from last week concerning Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life.    Bruce offers a vision of a holy adventure, in which we participate with God in co-creating our future.  It's not quite as cut and dry and maybe not as "safe," but is this not a better way to experience life?

Challenging Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven Life" is like David going up against Goliath, especially if you're the pastor of a small congregation who also teaches at a small seminary.

When the call came, I had to respond. You see, for a few years I had seen signs announcing "Forty Days of Purpose" and had heard from pastors and church growth consultants that "if you really want folks to come to a church program, you should offer the 'Purpose Driven Life.' Nothing succeeds like success, after all." And, folks came to Purpose Driven Life studies, often in record numbers.

But, I heard other messages, ones that pastors and congregants whispered to me and one another in private. Many didn't want to contradict the new congregational orthodoxy being promoted in the "Forty Days" studies. In private conversations, I heard pastors and congregants admit:  (to continue reading at Ethics Daily, click here).


Country Parson said…
I just ordered your book. Depending on when it arrives, I'll read it on the plane to and from NYC.

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