The Language of God

The United Church of Christ, ecumencial partners to the Disciples (my denomination) have decided to forgo traditional media outlets, which don't like their add.  They have decided to go viral with social media.  As I watched the brief message that uses mostly images and music, I felt that it could speak for us as well.  I welcome your thoughts and impressions.

The Language of God from United Church of Christ on Vimeo.


Rial Hamann said…
The images flow too quickly to grasp what they are trying to depict. It is however an inexpensive media to use
Rial, this may be a sign that you're not the targeted audience. Try watching MTV. The younger set can follow this just fine!
David Mc said…
traditional media outlets, which don't like their ad?

It's about inclusion. How could their be a "target" audience. Aren't we all targets (part of God's language).

Reminds me of some of my favorite lyrics-

If you smile at me, I will understand 'Cause that is something everybody everywhere does
in the same language.
Dennis said…
I like this. Part of the process here is to let the images wash over you...rather than trying to see each one, try to experience them as a flow and see what feelings they trigger in you.

I think this is something that Disciples could relate to, Bob...and that we should probably be doing more of this ourselves. I did three 30-second videos for my little church here in Asheville; they're not at all as polished as this, but there's a similar montage. If you'd like to see them, visit and either click through to different pages to see each of them, or click the YouTube link. I'd be interested in your thoughts.

David Mc said…
Dennis, That's pretty good.

I'm interested in the beer and the species of the little "yearning?" plant in the video and front page.
Gary said…
To think that the UCC is reflecting any thing true about God would be a mistake. The UCC is showing what they believe, not what God says.
Dennis, I like what you've done in the videos. They may not be as polished as the UCC ads, but they make your point clearly.

I think something like this, done virally, would work for the DOC as well!

Good thoughts.
David Mc said…
If we really want to be inclusive, we should throw some Hubble images in. Can't forget the undiscovered!

Oh, that plant isn't what I thought it was- wishful thinking I guess.

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