The Preaching of Jesus -- a Theolog Review

The Preaching of Jesus: Gospel Proclamation, Then and NowWilliam Brosend's The Preaching of Jesus (WJK, 2010) is a fascinating look at the rhetoric of Jesus, suggesting ways in which Jesus' own emphases can be a model to the modern preacher.  My review of the book can be found at the Christian Century blog -- Theolog. 

Here are the opening lines of the review.

Jesus is often the subject of sermons. William Brosend believes modern preachers could learn a few things from Jesus' rhetoric as a preacher as well.
Brosend, a biblical scholar and homiletics professor, understands the precarious nature of modern Jesus studies. He’s not interested in rehashing debates over the Jesus of history, because reconstructions of the historical Jesus often end up being little more than caricatures. Brosend wants to understand “how Jesus is depicted as employing language, not how the evangelists employ language in their depiction of Jesus.”  To continue reading click here. 


Anonymous said…
What did Jesus say about paying taxes? We have to pony up for the war by midnight I guess.

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