Split Ticket -- WTF book announcement

Will Young Adults, especially Christian young adults, engage the political system?  Will the political shenanigans that muddy the waters lead to skepticism and cynicism?  There is a growing sentiment that the system is broken and many are ready to jump ship.  But is that the right choice?

Split Ticket: Independent Faith in a Time of Partisan Politics is the second volume in Chalice Press's Where's The Faith series for young adults, which is edited by Brandon Gilvin and Christian Piatt, is due out over soon.  You will want to get a copy, especially if you read and enjoyed the first volume Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! (Chalice 2010).  I've not yet read the newest collection of essays, which is edited by Brandon, Christian, and Amy Gopp, but I know all three, regard them highly (all three are Disciples by the way), and know it will be worth your attention.

So, until the book is available, you can read my review of the first volume and check out this trailer from Chalice Press:


Christian Piatt said…
Nice! thanks for the props man. We're all excited about the coming release.


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