Ephesians Study Guide -- Another New Book

Yesterday I announced that me new book on the Lord's Prayer would be coming out soon from Energion Publications. Today I get to announce that Energion Publications is publishing a study guide on the letter to Ephesians,which I wrote over the summer for my church, using a study method developed by Henry Neufeld, who is my publisher for these books. This was a new but exciting experience for me. I think you will find this an interesting way of looking into the letter, which claims Pauline authorship, but which many scholars consider post-Pauline. So, if you're planning a study after November I'd like to invite you to try it out.

Below is the book description from the publisher's website:



Ephesians: A Participatory Study Guide

Pages: 104
ISBN: 1-893729-88-5
SKU: 1893729885
Price: $9.99
Author: Cornwall, Robert D
Note: An excellent study guide for individuals or small groups
This title is forthcoming. The final release date has not been set. Release is expected: January, 2010
Following the outlines of the Participatory Study Method, Dr. Robert Cornwall presents a study guide to the book of Ephesians that is both usable and challenging while not skirting the difficult issues. These eight lessons take you through the letter leading from the history and background to modern application and sharing in corporate study and worship.
Whether you are approaching this book as an individual, as a small group, or in a larger classroom setting, this study guide will provide you with direction, exercises, and questions for discussion and further investigation.
The Participatory Study Series from Energion Publications is designed to invite Bible students to become a part of the community of faith that produced the texts we now have as scripture by studying them empathetically and with an aim to learn and grow spiritually. The section Using this Book and the appendices are designed for the series and adapted to the particular study guide. Each author is free to emphasize different resources in the study, and individual students, group leaders, and teachers are encouraged to enhance their study through the use of additional resources.
It is our prayer at Energion Publications that each study guide will lead you deeper into scripture and more importantly closer to the One who inspired it.

Energion Publications recommends this title for as a small group resourceSmall Group Resource

Energion Publications recommends this book as a small group resource.


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