Am I Addicted to Blogging?

75%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Cheryl thinks I'm addicted, but I say no, I'm not addicted to blogging. I have it all under control.

But, thanks to James McGrath, I have been able to gauge the level of possible addiction. As you can see I'm 75% Addicted! Not too bad for a daily blogger.

By the way, may this be a blessed Good Friday!


Anonymous said…
Bob, the issue you raise is worth thinking about. I've been posting twice a week for a year, and it takes time. A member of a writing group in the Portland area estimates that experienced writers can write 3,000 words a day. If 750 to 1,000 are devoted to a blog, then the main project is diminished by that much. Now late into retirement, I don't write all day, and I estimate that my blog reduces my effective writing time for larger projects about 20%. I have to ask if it is worth it. Columnists like David Brooks do two columns a week.
Robert Cornwall said…
Keith, it does take time, but I do think we can reach a broader audience with this medium. In large part this is due to the way people search for information -- google, etc. And as I understand it, Google loves blogs because they tend be updated regularly -- they'r not static like a website!
David said…
That's ok Bob, we're only 75% addicted to reading.

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