9-11 Service of Remembrance -- Troy MI

An Hour of Remembrance
September 11, 2011

     The Troy Clergy Group is sponsoring a Service of Remembrance on Sunday, September 11 at St. Anastasia from 7—8 p.m. This service will commemorate the tenth (10th) anniversary of the attacks on The World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA.

The music has been planned by Dr. Christine Chun, and will feature "Adagio For Strings", by Samuel Barber.  There will be several speakers offering two minute reflections including Fr. J.J.Mech; Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg, (Temple Shir Tivah); Pastor Charlotte Sommers, (Northminster Presbyterian Church) and Imam  Aly Lela (Islamic Association of Greater Detroit).  Representatives of other faith traditions, including the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Hindu Community, the Unitarian Church, and other Christian faith communities will be sharing in the leadership of the service.  Although sponsored by the Troy Clergy Group, the event is being endorsed by the Troy-area Interfaith Group.

 St. Anastasia is located at 4571 John R (between Wattles and Long Lake) in Troy. For more information, contact Deacon Ron Cook at 248-689-8380, Ext. 114


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