Eucharist: Encounters with Jesus at the Table

I want to announce that I have a new book out: The Eucharist: Encounters with Jesus at the Table (Topical Line Drives Book 10).   It's just 40 pages in length, but it is designed as a meditation on the development of the Lord's Supper from its roots in the Hebrew Bible, through its New Testament formulations and onward through history to the present.  Our beliefs and practices don't come down to us unfiltered.  There is always interpretation, development, and reworking of our understandings of what occurs at the Lord's Table.

It is my belief is that if we have a better understanding of this sacramental meal, then we will want to gather at the table more frequently.

The book is available in print format from Amazon and through the publisher -- Energion Publications.

To order the paperback you can go directly to the publisher -- Energion Publications, which  has discounts  available for those wanting to purchase copies for study by worship committees or elders.

You can get it in Kindle format for only  99 cents.  Just click on the icon below.  Take a read, offer your thoughts, review it on Amazon or Good Reads.  Let's have a conversation about the Lord's Supper!


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