Uncontrolling Love -- the Facebook Event

This afternoon at 3 PM EDT, I will be on Facebook Live asking the question: What Use is God?  This is the title of my essay published in the book Uncontrolling Love, which contains responses to Tom Oord's book The Uncontrolling Love of God.  Tom's premise is that God is Love, and thus love is prior power. Using the concept of Essential Kenosis, he asserts that "God's love is necessarily self-giving and other's empowering," which means that because love is prior to power, there are things that God cannot do.  I want to explore this idea, which I embrace, but which raises some questions that I wrestle with. You can read my response by buying the book. You can also listen in at 3 PM, or later as it's posted on my facebook page and probably here as well.

So, to prepare for my presentation, I invite you to watch Tom's introductory presentation from last evening.  Just click on the link below and check it out.  It's 30 minutes long.  Then I'll see you at 3 PM EDT.


After watching Tom's video, you can watch mine, which is now completed:



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