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Twice before I've participated in a blog tour featuring the Common English Bible, the latest translation of the Bible.  The Common English Bible is a modern, readable, translation that should appeal to a broad group of people.  The key players are from Mainline Protestantism, which makes this translation a nice partner to the more formal New Revised Standard Bible.  Note participants:

  The Common English Bible Committee meets periodically and consists of denominational publishers from the following denominations: Disciples of Christ (Chalice Press); Presbyterian Church U.S.A. (Westminster John Knox Press); Episcopal Church (Church Publishing Inc); United Church of Christ (Pilgrim Press); and United Methodist Church (Abingdon Press).
In my opinion it reads more like the NIV, but it has roots are not in the same place.  The note on the website speaks of the translation in this way:

It’s easier to read and understand. For many, reading the Bible and then truly grasping what it means can be a challenge. Yet the Bible is meant for everyone. The Common English Bible is a new translation of the Bible in a language that readers naturally speak and communicate—a common language. 
 I'm not a biblical scholar, but I've found it to be a faithful resource for engaging in the conversation with Scripture.  My hope is that it will be inviting to those in the moderate to left of center circles that find reading the Bible a bit daunting, so that they might feel comfortable with the biblical text.

So, for the next few months you'll see me referencing this translation in my own comments and commentary on the biblical text.   The CEB folks are providing me the opportunity to offer a free copy to my readers.  So, if you're interested, the 5th commenter can get a free copy!

In the meantime, I encourage you to take a look at the Common English Bible website.  Use the "passage look-up" app to check out a text or two.      

If you've used the CEB let me know what you think.  Do you find it a faithful, readable text or not?


Wes Morgan said…
Hi Bob -- I would be interested in receiving a copy and using it in my private study and in public reading in Worship an a weekily basis. Thanks for the offer.
Wes Morgan
Wes Morgan said…
Thanks for the offer
John said…
Guess I am number three. Suppose I could write two mr comments but that just seems too covetous. Goog luck number five!
Brian said…
Oh, I'm sorry. You're caller number 4. Next caller gets the tickets to Foo Fighters.

I didn't know about this Bible. I'm glad the left-leaning ones are making a "Good News" bible. What do they do with the Isaiah line about the "young woman" vs "virgin"?

Next person is the lucky winner!
Brian said…
I'm posting this 5th post on behalf of Wes Morgan. I figure if someone asks for a Bible, they should get a Bible

I so move that the free Bible go to Wes Morgan.

I've made the motion. Do we have a second?
Robert Cornwall said…
Brian, thanks for helping out Wes!!

Wes get me your address and I'll get it to the CEB folks!!
Robert Cornwall said…
Brian, by the way, yes they use young woman not virgin.

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