Prayers for a Pandemic

O God our Rock and Our Strength, 
As we walk through dark valleys during this pandemic, feeling uncertain and anxious, we turn to you, our rock and our strength.  Confessing our fears and concerns, we ask that your peace would wash over us.  May we feel anew your presence so that we might rest in your peace.  Then, as we experience that peace, may your Spirit strengthen our resolve so that we might stand in solidarity with one another, encouraging one another and caring for one another.  We give you thanks in this moment of concern, for great is your faithfulness, O Lord our God. Amen

I share this prayer I wrote for a collection of prayers written by members of Central Woodward Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). This particular prayer was written with the pandemic in mind. This collection was put together by Nancy Groves, our newest member! She offered it for the congregation and more -- proceeds go to support the ministry of the church. I invite you to check it out, not just because I contributed a few prayers, but because it represents the prayers of the people. 

Nancy Groves, Disciples of Christ Book of Prayers: Central Woodward Christian Church, (2020).


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