Another Da Vinci Code Mystery?

There is great fascination about the possibility that Jesus was married -- and married of course to Mary Magdalene. So, apparently there is a new documentary coming out entitled "The Lost Tomb." James Tabor of the University of North Carolina is involved.

The tale as it's told in a Toronto Star story is that during excavations in Jerusalem in 1980 a tomb with 10 ossuaries was found (though one is now missing -- supposedly the James Ossuary that was so talked about recently), the tomb carrying the names of Jesus, Mariamne, Maria, Matthew, Jude son of Jesus, etc. And supposedly this has been confirmed by DNA. That this may be true -- their relationships -- doesn't prove that this is the tomb of the Jesus Family. Let's just say I'm skeptical that a finding such as this -- 26 years old -- of a tomb containing a group of people whose names are familiar to the biblical story, but names that were also extremely common during that day, would lead back to the Jesus of the New Testament seems a bit fanciful, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

In the mean time I'll remain skeptical -- as any historian should be.

Picture is from the Toronto Star.


E. I. Sanchez said…
I really hope James Cameron gets a good history lesson here. Perhaps, he'll even convert as historians debunk his Money-Making Myth.

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