Healing of the Nations -- A Disciple Commitment

Isaiah speaks of the healing of the nations. A great hymn does as well. The "Healing of the Nations" is the theme of this years Disciples of Christ General Assembly. The Rev. Cynthia Hale, Pastor of Ray of Hope Christian Church in Atlanta, got the conversation off to a rousing start last night, taking us back into the creation story, reminding us that we are a people (humanity that is) created for a purpose -- fearfully and wonderfully made, as the Psalmist put it ( Psalm139:13-14).

The Assembly theme rests on the Disciples new "mantra" -- A Movement of Wholeness in a Fragmented World." We're not perfect agents or messengers, but this is our calling, to live out God's vision of wholeness in a very fragmented and broken world. It is a powerful calling, one that will certainly struggle with in implementation, but still a most powerful invitation to move into the future. My expectation is that we'll continue the conversation -- in worship and in prayer, service and in study.

For more details I'll send you to the reporting from Disciples World's Sherri Emmons.

Oh, and the house band she speaks of in the piece -- a great group of musicians led by an ever energetic Bill Thomas of Van Nuys.


Anonymous said…
Hope you're following the news.
The youngsters are falling down in attendance-

David Mc


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