A Little Jazz for your enjoyment -- from Lito Hernandez

Watch for the name Raul (Lito) Hernandez in a few years. He's a friend and former band mate of my son's at Santa Barbara High School. Brett is a year a head of Lito, so Lito just graduated. We've known him since the two were in Jr. High band together. We could tell then that he was a gifted musician. He's also a great young man! Now he's off to college.

Anyway, the other day Brett told me he'd seen a video of Lito's 2008 performance at the Grammy Spotlight Award Program -- Lito was Jazz Instrumental Runner up. Don't know who beat him out, but I think you'll enjoy his music! And Remember, this performance was a year ago -- when he was just a junior in high school.


Anonymous said…
Don't you love it when a youngster plays that ol' time modern jazz?
He's good.

David Mc

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