Huckabee goes to the West Bank!

Mike Huckabee wanted to to go to the White House, but ended up on Fox News Network (along with friends Bill, Sean, and Glen). Mike is a sort of populist -- like Sarah -- but he's also a firm fundamentalist. This is seen in his visit to Israel, a stop funded by Right Wing advocates of Israeli control of what some consider the Jewish homeland.

While it is US policy to support a 2-state solution and even PM Benjamin Netanyahu has reluctantly acceded to the possibility. Mike doesn't like it. Can't put a Palestinian homeland in the middle of the Jewish homeland. Just wouldn't be right. Now, he does admit that Palestinians should have a homeland, just not there.

Think about what we're talking about here. We're talking about ethnic cleansing. We're talking about forced migration -- a "Trail of Tears." Mike praises the Israeli's for permitting Muslims to visit the Dome of the Rock, even though it "could be considered an affront." An affront to whom? To God? To the Temples? Remember that when the Dome was built all that there was on that site was rocks and rubble.

This is just my opinion, but Mike is playing with fire. And what he's speaking of tends close to the immoral. We should be praying for the peace of Jerusalem, not the spread of violence!


Anonymous said…
He does look like he has a chip on his shoulder in the photo. Sorta scary. David Mc
Gary said…

It is YOU who is playing with fire! God gave ALL of that land to the Jews. Not one grain of sand belongs to anyone else, no matter how much they want it.

I know you have a problem with God giving what He gave to the Jews. Your problem is with God. You are destined to be disappointed.
Anonymous said…

Why couldn't He have given them some land with some freaking oil?
Anyway, I think maybe the point is there are at least 3 faiths that claim the area as important. Maybe that should tell us something. Can you help us build on our common beliefs, not our differences? If you (we)'re wrong, I bet God will forgive you (us). David Mc

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