Ramadan has begun -- Reflections

The Muslim holy month of fasting called Ramadan began on Friday and will last for the next month. There are specific guidelines for determining when it starts, but once it starts Muslims are called upon to fast during daylight hours -- and fasting involves refraining from eating or drinking anything -- including even a drop of water -- as well as refraining from sexual activity. After the sun goes down Muslims will gather to break the fast with a meal. Such discipline is not easy to undertake -- I'm not a faster, but I respect those who can keep to this discipline.

I picked up on a piece from David Crumm's site on the beauty of Ramadan. Crumm, who is a former Detroit Free Press religion writer, presents a piece written by Najah Bazzy, which reflects on the spiritual benefits of Ramadan. In the spirit of understanding our neighbors I share this clip.


(A Brief Introduction to Its Spiritual Gifts)

By Najah Bazzy

Ramadan moon and Minaret In this holy and sacred month, the doors of Heaven are open. Let us take time to find a quiet and private place—lower our heads in humility and raise our hearts in praise.

God says that humanity is God's crowning creation for we have the gift of intellect and intelligence. God has granted humanity this intellect with a free will to choose God or not. If we wish to communicate our deepest needs, cleanse our conscience, or ask for forgiveness, then we should know that Ramadan is the best of months. Consider where you are in your spiritual life and measure that journey by how you feel when the month of Ramadan ends.

We can all choose to develop spiritual awareness and enlightenment by tuning in to listen quietly to the voice of our soul. When our soul or inner being whispers we must try to block the outside signals that clog and clutter the spiritual inner voice. We must train ourselves so we can hear what that voice is saying loud and clear, rather than the muffled version the majority of us live with.

During Ramadan, Muslims often find an inspirational story or figure on which to focus. There are many books about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his progeny that can serve as inspiration—in addition to the beautiful Holy Quran, which embraces the words and advice of God Almighty. The language of the Holy Quran renews itself every time you read it. Let us use the legacy of the Messengers of God to help create our own life force. Let us ask God to purify our hearts, expand our minds, and enlighten our spirits with piety and humility.

Islam focuses on promoting the unity of the mind, body and soul so that spiritual balance exists. During this month, the reward for giving charity to the poor and orphaned is among the best of deeds, and our deeds are multiplied during this blessed month. Give generously to charity so that in return we receive God’s mercy, forgiveness and eternal reward.

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Thank you for your article.

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Thank you for your article.

You may find more information on Muslims and the month of Ramadan at the Ramadan Blog.

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